Saturday, May 19, 2007

Update/Prayer requests

Life is always moving and changing. In a week, we'll be moving into a townhome on campus. This will be nice for several reasons:
  1. I'll be closer to school (I'll even walk to class if the weather is nice).
  2. The rent will be cheaper!
  3. We won't have to deal with upstairs neighbors (probably my #1 more domestic violence disputes or stereos with bass boost cranked to 11 at 1:00am).
  4. We'll be next door to some close friends of ours and also be able to meet some more people in the same life-stage as us.
  5. We'll be closer to church.
  6. I'll be 5 minutes closer to work.

Of course, there are some down-sides:

  1. We won't have lost neighbors (at least as far as we know) to invest in
  2. The area of town isn't as nice and as easily accessible to things (we lived across the street from a Super Wal-mart and w/in a 5 mile radius of restaurants, stores, and a mall)
  3. We'll be right next to a very active train track. Will is afraid of trains, so we're not sure how he'll adjust.

We'll have the same phone numbers, but our email addresses will change and will no longer be Just email me to get our new ones (I don't feel safe posting them b/c I don't want more email spam than I already get). I can also get you our new mailing address if you're interested.

Now for the family update:

Keith - I'm currently taking a May-mester (2 week course through the end of May), and I'll be taking a summer class in the month of June. I plan on taking July and the first part of August off of school to rest and spend time w/ family. My co-workers have graciously agreed to let me work just 4 days a week during that time, which I hope to use wisely. In the fall, I'll be back in the full swing of school, and I'll also be involved in a Church Planter Internship through my church, which we're excited about. Amy will be part of it as well.

Amy - Amy is planning for our move and looking forward to possibly going to Ruidoso, NM in the summer with her mom (I might go if it's in July). In the fall, she'll be busy with the Church Planter Internship, leading a group in MOPS (which she's very excited about), and continuing to stay home with the boys. She is an incredible woman, and I am blessed by God for being allowed to share my life with her. I couldn't ask for a better teammate on this journey. I love you, Amy!!!!!!

Will - Will continues to absorb things like a sponge. He has a photographic memory and can identify things he's only seen once or twice months down the road. We're trying to put this to good use and teach him sight words to help him towards reading. He knows all his letter sounds and a couple of sight words like pizza! He's still adjusting to a little brother and has his good times and bad times. We love to hear them giggle together, and I know they'll be good friends one day. Will loves to sing, and his favorite songs are from the David Crowder Band...he loves the "Holy Song" and "Shout Aloud", which are not the real names of the songs, but we know what he means. His summer will be filled with seeing cousins and going to Six Flags!

Blake - Blake is very active! He is a mixture between an eagle and a monkey. His eagle qualities include eyeing a crumb on the carpet from across the room and scampering (swooping) across the room to pick it up and eat it. His monkey qualities include climbing on and over everything and being silly. We love his active spirit, and I don't think Will is going to know what to do once Blake is fully mobile. Mischief is always in Blake's eyes, and I think Will is going to receive payback for all the times he's taken a toy or pushed Blake. Blake is taking 2 steps before falling now, and I'm sure he'll be walking soon.

Prayer Requests:

  • Keith - stay on top of his Greek over the summer so next semester will go smoothly.
  • Keith - continue to make time alone with God in prayer and bible study a priority
  • Amy - patience and wisdom with the boys each day
  • Amy - a growing heart for the Lord and the lost
  • Will - continued adjustment to a little brother and the new home
  • Will - he would come to know Jesus at an early age and be used mightily for the Kingdom
  • Blake - adjusting to a new home
  • Blake - he would come to know Jesus at an early age and be used mightily for the Kingdom

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Daddy and his riding buddy.
Will and Blake on the swings.

Blake waiting for big brother.
Will's favorite ride.