Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer Update/Big changes in store...

It's been a while since my last post, and boy have we been busy! Here's a brief summary of what we've been up to and some pics along the way:

New Mexico
The day after Blake's birthday, we headed out for a road trip to New Mexico with Amy's mom, dad, and nephew. It was a great trip. FYI, don't go 73 in a 65 in Texas when you're 5 miles from the New Mexico border...just ask my father-in-law. :) In New Mexico, we stayed in Ruidoso, which is a mountain town, and all of Amy's aunts, uncles, cousins from her mom's side got together. We rented a big house right off the river. Will, Blake, and I were adventurous and played in the river. The water was pretty cold, which Will hated, but Blake dove right in...literally!

Will's Birthday/Class Reunion
We returned from the New Mexico Trip on Tuesday, and on Friday, we drove down to Beaumont to see family. That Friday was Will's birthday, so we had a party. There's a lot of birthdays on my side of the family in July & August, so we had a joint birthday celebration (see picture below of everyone blowing out candles...we missed you, Jay). I had my 12-year class reunion...I know it's stupid, and I don't know why my class is this weird. Basically, they missed the 5-year, so they had a 7-year instead, and so now the tradition continues. I'd like to pontificate about life and reminiscing with friends, but I wouldn't have a lot to say. It was nice to see people I haven't seen in 12 years. Some have changed, most have not. I realized that it only takes about 5-7 minutes to get updated on some one's story since high school. Maybe if I would have gone to the bar that night w/ everyone I would have heard more, but a family picnic for a couple of hours suited me just fine. I only have a handful of people from high school that I even remotely keep up with, so it's not that big of a deal.

Family in town
The following week, my oldest brother and his family came up. We hit Six Flags twice and went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum. It's so cool to see our kids playing together (see pic below). Also, this weekend, my parents came up to see us. Dad and I went to the bookstore to get some stuff for school and my upcoming church planting internship. We also went to Six Flags last night. Storms rolled in right as we were getting there, so all the rides were shut down, which was disappointing. We decided to go eat dinner and see if the storm would blow over, and it did. The park was practically empty, so my younger brother, dad, and I got to ride all the rides we wanted...multiple times. Will also got to ride a lot of rides w/ his Meme (my mom)...thanks mom for enduring the Mini Mine Train 7 times in a row!

Will's Birthday Party
Last weekend, we had Will's birthday party...2 weeks after his birthday. See the picture below of his cake...Amy did this. We had the party at the seminary rec center and had a pool party. The cake is an ocean scene, complete with graham cracker island and lounging teddy grahams. It was a hit, and Will loved his "Water Party".

New Job
Last but not least, I'm changing jobs! Crazy, I know. It happened really quickly, but it will be a huge blessing. I wasn't really looking for a job, and I got an email from the seminary. They were looking for people to work in their Communications Department. Long story short, I sent my resume, submitted a sample of my writing, interviewed, and a week later, I had a new job. I'll be a Senior Writer, which means I'll write press releases, marketing materials, news articles, etc. for the seminary. It lines up with my bachelor's degree, and I love writing. Through the job, all my tuition will be paid for, and I'll get full medical benefits for me and my family. I'll have to work 40 hours per week instead of the 30 I was working at Sylvan, but it will be worth it as far as I can see. I start on August 28th, just after school starts. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. It's a great opportunity that God has provided, so we'll see where it goes. It was a very difficult decision because I love working for Sylvan, but it was the best decision for my family. Please pray for me and my family as we all make the new adjustments.