Friday, May 23, 2008

Bold enough to wear this shirt?

This is what happens when it's the Friday before Memorial Day and almost 5:00 at work. This is me in my new cow shirt standing in front of one bad western dude, B.H. Carroll. Carroll once sprinted across an open field during the Civil War just to engage an enemy in hand-to-hand combat. I wonder if he would be bold enough to wear this shirt.

The shirt is courtesy of the "Helping Hands House" on campus, where students can get free hand-me-down clothes. I imagine this shirt was donated by the estate of a former rodeo clown. Amy helps work at the HHH, and the clothes are generally really nice...I have some really nice shirts from there. But, she just couldn't pass this one up.

Well, we're headed up to Colorado to spend Memorial Day weekend with some close friends and family. I'll put a new pic up upon our return so you don't have to look at this hideous attire.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Two more days and I'll be done with the spring semester! I will be preaching on Wednesday for my last class, and then I have a whole 5 days off until my Maymester begins next Monday!
God has been good to us (as usual). Here's some picks of Will's first fishing trip. Pictured are Will giving a big thumbs up and the proud daddy and his boy showing off their gigantic bass. It's actually much bigger in person...the camera takes off 10 lbs. on fish. We caught two whoppers on the day, so we were pretty pleased. A huge thanks to Uncle Bebo (Brent) and Aunt Patti for buying Will the fishing rod and for taking us to Patti's parents house to fish. They made this once-in-a-lifetime father/son experience happen.